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Hi Killer Tracks! Tim Blane here.

I just wrote and recorded these 3 tracks for you guys.


A few years back I did a song for you (via Ryan Perez-Daple) called "Another Chance To Love You" which you've been able to get assorted placements for.


Last month I looked at your playlists for the best sellers of the month before, and of 2017. Fortunately there were several that were, stylistically, right in my wheelhouse:
The very sync-able style of "slowly building, uplifting rock with wordless male vocals."


These 3 tracks are close enough to your popular tracks to potentially get a ton of sync placements, but also far enough away so that they aren't ripping anything off. 

Anyway, I'd love for them to find a home in your catalog. Let me know!!


Tried and True - Tim Blane
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Tried and True

Can't Wait - Tim Blane
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Can't Wait

Wake Up, Move Up - Tim Blane
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Wake Up, Move Up

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